Category: Reviews

Vortex – Rockdrill

After listening to this for a few minutes it is readily apparent that Rockdrill is a good fit at Cyclic Law. The vibe of the music recollects something perilously mysterious of deeply ancient and organic origin; I find myself constantly getting mental images of primordial human plight. Fans of industrial-tinged dark ambient (with a pinch of neofolk) should really like this one.

V/A – Myths & Masks of Karol Szymanowski: Music by Ukrainian Sound Artists

This tribute compilation gave eight Ukrainian sound artists the opportunity to freely represent their respective visions of Karol Szymanowski’s music, life and ideas. The result is a gorgeously packaged disc and twelve-page booklet. It is a collection for lovers of drones, glitch, noise and pure, eclectic experimentalism in sound – yet with strong classical nuances.

Kabutogani – Bektop

This is the type of thing that masquerades under the guise of being slick & artsy, and the naysayers just “don’t get it”. The only thing to ‘get’ here is that “Bektop” is the lazy result of throwing a whole bunch of rough, directionless sketches onto a CD and thinking that because it’s annoying and hard to listen to that it is inherently ‘artistic’ and ‘deep’.