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Spahn Ranch – Closure

Spahn Ranch - Closure

CD, Cryonica, 2002

Spahn Ranch have come a long way from their beginnings, over ten years ago, evolving from a purely industrial band, incorporating influences from several music fields from jazz to ‘alternative’, pop while keeping their industrial and EBM roots.
“Closure” is aptly titled, as Spahn Ranch seem to have closed the door on the past and begun a new approach to their music with this new album which is characterized by slower and more melodic tracks. It also features a couple of covers of more mainstream artists such as P.J. Harvey (“The River”) and Madonna (“Swim”).
Matt Green’s melodic rhythmic compositions completed by Athan Maroulis’ vocals and great lyrics and Harry Lewis’ percussion work combine to form an excellent and balanced album that is also accessible to a more mainstream audience . This is the kind of album that is perfect to be used to introduce your non-industrial-listening friends to the industrial music genre.
“Closure” is not a source for dance-floor material (even if some tracks do have some club potential), instead, it is an album to be listened and appreciated with attention, the listening experience being better every time. Not unlike a great wine.


— Miguel de Sousa

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