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H_M_B – Great Industrial Love Affairs

H_M_B - Great Industrial Love Affairs

CD Digipack, Flatline Records, 2002

H_M_B is the result if the collaboration between the very talented and prolific musician Daniel “Haujobb” Meyer (music and male vocals) and Victoria Lloyd of Claire Voyant (lyrics and female vocals) with additional vocal contributions by Dennis Ostermann.
Despite the talents involved and the great production work, H_M_B is nothing new in musical/instrumental terms, being what one would expect from someone like Daniel Meyer if one would consider the music only: dancey electro-industrial/EBM. Excellent material in this genre, musically speaking, but not particularly innovative.
What really makes H_M_B stand out are Victoria Lloyd’s vocals which provide a complimenting contrast to the musical aspect, smoothly blending with and completing the music (and serving as demonstration of Victoria’s vocal versatility).
This is a CD which is definitely worth checking out and I can only hope that it will not be the only fruit of the collaboration between Daniel Meyer and Victoria Lloyd.


— Miguel de Sousa

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