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Modul – Lo-Middle Lack

Modul - Lo-Middle Lack

CD, Dars Records, 2008

Life always has that knack of throwing some surprises on you. When I saw the child like artwork on the cover of this album I drew a heavy sigh and hit play.
“Lo-Middle Lack”, has certain immediacy. Glitch and subtle IDM references came to the front straight away and stopped me in my tracks. Pleasant electronic chimes flitter round your head and charm their way into your heart that simply by track two had me smiling and feeling content and warm.
There is a playful infancy to this whole release that is endearing and its hard to deny that Modul drag you in and make you feel like a kid again. The base music isn’t rocket science in itself, but the programming has been approached with hidden professionalism that manages to sneak in there for a second before you think this has been ham fistedly written. In fact there is a certain art to this and Modul come off best, and there is no denying just how clever this bunch are in the grand scheme of things all IDM.
With a CD that just has about everything electronic thrown at it bar the kitchen sick, it was wonderful to hear playful jazz and almost ore school computer sounding works on here as well. All the correct ingredients have been mustered up and left to simmer on a low temperature, producing a wonderful menu of delightful, happy sounds that make a huge change from the miserable depressing numbers that many of the artists in this scene opt for, just to surprise you now and again with massively emotional numbers before playing ‘tag’ with you again.
A wonderful, joyously beautiful, happy release, that is like a breath of fresh air.


— Tony Young

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