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Manufactura – Precognitive Dissonance

Manufactura - Precognitive Dissonance

CD, Hive Records, 2003

I must admit that “Precognitive Dissonance”, the second release by Karloz.M’s solo project Manufactura caught me completely off-guard as, not having knowledge of the previous Manufactura release, “Regression”, I was not expecting such a powerful and solid piece of musical work.
“Precognitive Dissonance” is essentially a Rythmic/Power Noise album whose author possesses an excellent sense of rhythmic construction, and of the use of rythm in conveying feelings, creating atmospheres and inducing motion (read: danceable music). EBM and technoid elements are also incorporated into this, adding greater variety of sound and opening doors to new sound possibilities, which the author does not seem afraid to explore and develop. Movie sampling is also skillfully used and seriously reinforces the musical work, instead of being just a gimmick.
One can clearly sense that great care was put into the construction of the music. Not just at the level of individual tracks but also in linking them. In fact, despite the complexity of its individual tracks, “Precognitive Dissonance” flows without any noticeable breaks of any kind. In short, good as a track may be on its own, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
The overall feeling in “Precognitive Dissonance” is one of oppression and extreme tension reaching nasty peaks of violence and hysteria at times. The album evolves back and forth from tracks of tense calm (‘Deep Water’, ‘Nightstalker’) skillfully building up to tracks of almost palpable aggression (‘The Madness & The Whores’, ‘Pain Provider’) in which, in an explosion of anger, release is sought but never found nor given and finally things go back to what they were (or worse).


— Miguel de Sousa

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