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In-A-Sense – In-A-Sense Demo

In-A-Sense - In-A-Sense Demo

CD-R, self-released, 2004

Some would say that a clever name makes a band stand out from the rest and as far as In-A-Sense is concerned, this statement is true. On first listen, their self-release didn’t strike me as all that impressive, but I decided to give it another chance and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was just being bitter the first time through.
This 5-song demo is a strong showing from a band that definitely has a lot of growth potential in front of them. While not overly creative in the sphere of original synthpop sound, the music is, in itself, pretty entertaining.
With the right equipment and production, In-A-Sense have the ability to make a name for themselves in the very near future. The music is very well coordinated (very bouncy too) and sets a complimentary theme for some great, if not overly inspired vocals. I’d give this release 3 out of 5 habanero peppers. Once they get into a good label, and their production values go up I can easily see giving them a 4.


— Ethan Cohen

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