Program 20041130-1206

Part 1
(music selection by M.)
Goethes Erben – Glassgarten
[Glasgarten – Indigo]
Opaq Face – Tears in Wine
[Close Enough – self-released]
Beyond the Nightmare about Claudia – Stop Crying
[V/A – Synth├ętique – BOREDOMproduct]
Provision – Visualize
[Visualize – A Different Drum]
The Azoic – Illuminate
[Illuminate – Infacted Recrdings]
Trash 80 – Social Silence
[Hologram – 8bitpeoples]
Nimp – mm
[Development Concept for Formulation of Nimp – Parametric]
Nullsleep – Everything Counts
[Depeche Mode Megamix – 8bitpeoples]
S.P.O.C.K. – Never Trust a Klingon (A Version)
[A Piece of the Action – the singles and some more – Energy Rekords]
Nukleon – Mars
[Earth Rising – Cohaagen]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Bomb the Bass (with Justin Warfield) – Bug Powder Dust
[Clear – Fourth & Broadway]
Din_Fiv – Piss Christ (v2.0)
[Infinity – Metropolis Records]
Stromkern – Heretic II (Visionary)
[Flicker like a Candle (Millenium Edition) – Scanner]
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Televisio, the Drug of the Nation
[Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury – Fourth & Broadway]
Mothboy – All the Wrong Places
[The Fears – Ad Noiseam]
Architect – Grand Diesel
[I went out shopping to get some noise – Hymen]
Manufactura – Deep Waters
[Precognitive Dissonance – Hive Records]
Black Lung – The Sound of Meat: Third Movement (Flesh Field)
[The Sound of Meat – Ant-Zen]
Terminal Sound System – (Study of) Decay of Elements
[Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon – Hive Records]

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