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h.h.t.p. & portablepalace – Cavitation

h.h.t.p. & portablepalace - Cavitation

CD, Monochrome Vision, 2005

“Cavitation” is a collaboration between Dmitry Gelfand of portableplace and Andrey Savitsky and Kirill Domnich of h.h.t.p. Gelfrand is based in New York and is part of the portablepalace collective of artists who focus on the propagation of information through waveforms; both electro-magnetic (light, radiation etc.) and isomorphic (sound). Savitsky is a graphic designer and poet while Domnich is a poet, musician and AI systems developer, both from Belarus. Together they combine processed piano, electronic sound and digital effects to create their own form of experimental music across three tracks totalling just under an hour.
Together, the trio create harrowing ambient soundscapes that use space to create intense moods, combining their respective skills to great effect. Varying from deep undulating drones and fizzing electronics to windswept tones and weird effects outbursts, “Cavitation” never stands still, constantly twisting and turning. There is an interesting interaction of sound at work throughout the 3 lengthy musical pieces here, one where gentle almost organic melodies and small mood sounds like string instruments or piano sit side by side with digital clicks and blips to great effect, complimenting each other nicely. The moods created by the music range from soothing ambience to stark desolation and there is a definite cinematic mood to the gentler elements of the music that provides an air of tension throughout. “Cavitation” never stays still or relies on rhythms or loops; everything is based around creating a stark experimental atmosphere to emphasise mood and feeling.
“Cavitation” is an absorbing and intricate album that is both experimental and atmospheric, utilising both digital and organic sound sources. Never repetitive and ever evolving, it could play for hours and still hold your attention.


— Paul Lloyd

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