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Gerostenkorp & Neon Rain – Io Non Ho Paura

Gerostenkorp & Neon Rain - Io Non Ho Paura

CD, OPN Productions, 2008

You know there really is a lot of music out there that tests my patience nowadays; maybe its hanging round for so long and just expecting so much more, but unfortunately this will transfer across when reviewing releases that seem ultimately pointless to me, and call me a git when I just sigh upon noticing that the first track on an ‘album’ is 26 minutes long. Lets just say it has to be nothing short of some sort of ambient masterpiece before I will even contemplate giving it any credibility nowadays, because otherwise its simply nothing more than masturbation for the ‘artist’ concerned.
I would go into track one but I won’t unless you want to see me try (really try) come up with lots of artistic reasons why someone created masses of feedback alongside retro synth for what seems like an eternity on acid; I couldn’t care less.
Luckily track two (a staggering 28 minutes approx) seems to have its head more screwed on with lush ambient sections and airy atmospheres that whilst are not the best I have heard from such circles still holds its own.
Frankly, two tracks never seems enough for me as a release no matter how much length in total, especially when one half of it is simply pointless.
Maybe I have missed the point too, with two totally opposite forces working with each other (or against) on such a release, but neither then do I really have the gumption to get bothered about that either.


— Tony Young

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