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Atmogat – Trigger Event

Atmogat - Trigger Event

CD, Impusive Art, 2009

Danny Prusseit and Toni Polkowski prove themselves as masters in the field of IDM carving a niche with this latest release from Impulsive Art, “Trigger Event”, a release which sets the mood for waltzes through dark flickering hallways in a neon metropolis. This is the soundtrack for the modern cyberpunk fan.
The first song, “Battery’s Low”, stomps in gritty kicks amidst sulking atmospheres and crackling synth ambience. The drums of “Berlin 4 a.m.” begin playfully but take a menacing turn when the low hits and pulls in opposition of the sweeps and pad hits. “Melophase” sustains the theme with a glitch bass line that mingles and compliments the minimalist drums and echoing synth effects whike “Turok” lurks with low bass growls and high-frequency pads etching an atmosphere that is both eerie and inviting. “Eject 44” picks up the pace with quickened drums and synth sprinkles over subtle basslines and mellow ambience. “Sleepless” is fairly minimalist with precise drum work and simple ambience but demonstrates skill without overproduction and “All The Hope”, “Indian Summer”, “Next Riot”, and “Hwen” continue the theme of minimalism with complex drums and subtle synth work evoking just the right emotions from the listener. The remix of “Berlin 4 a.m.” by Access to Arasaka is another demonstration of his now know style and a beautiful revision of the original track. Nikka works the FX-ed claps and brings the drums to the forefront of the mix with light synth work accompaniment on her remix of “Melophase”. Notable highlights were “Eject 44”, “All The Hope”, “Indian Summer”, and Access To Arasaka’s remix of “Berlin 4a.m.”
“Trigger Event” is both complex enough to hold a listener’s attention but also subtle enough to be beautiful background ambience. Highly recommend to any fan of IDM electronica.


— James Church

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