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Cisfinitum – Nevmenosis

Cisfinitum - Nevmenosis

CD-R, Afe Records, 2008

A professional violinist, Eugene Voronovsky has been active under the name Cisfinitum since the late 90’s and has accumulated a respectable discography since his first release ten years ago. Released by the Italian experimental music label Afe Records, the limited edition “Nevmenosis” is a remastered collection of Cisfinitum works, most of which were formerly available in scattered compilations, and a couple of unreleased pieces.
Voronovsky describes his music as ‘metaphysical ambient’, a description which may not be that off the mark if one is to judge by this release. Throughout “Nevmenosis”, Cisfinitum manages to convey a feeling of timelessness and distance, showing the listener hints of a greater whole and different perspectives which could not be described in any other way but through music. His sound compositions are frequently reverie inducing, almost seeming to lightly brush the listener’s subconscious, touching on a deeply buried awareness and comprehension. This is especially felt in longer pieces (like the introductory title track and “Galene”), where the artist seems to allow more subtlety to the ebb and flow of the sound elements.
In “Nevmenosis”, string arrangements and other classical instrumentation are seamlessly merged and processed along with musique concréte elements like field recordings, presenting the listener with what an accomplished musical training can achieve when applied to exploratory ends. In the end, it is an excellent example of how classic tools and formulas can be reworked and combined with unexpected less orthodox elements into a compelling great whole. It is also interesting how, despite being a collection of apparently unrelated works, “Nevmenosis” seems quite coherent as a whole – perhaps an indicator of an underlying coherence throughout the rest of Cisfinitum’s body of work.
“Nevmenosis” is easily one of the most outstanding releases from Afe Records that I’ve had the opportunity to experience and doubtlessly an excellent introduction to the work of a Russian artist that deserves more recognition. While it presents appreciators of experimental ambient music with familiar ground, it is also quite accessible for casual listeners who may be willing to tread some new grounds.


— Miguel de Sousa

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