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C-drík/Aluviana – Moje Čelo

C-drík/Aluviana - Moje Čelo

CD, Syrphe, 2008

The press surrounding this release sells it much in the same way you would sell a menu at a restaurant: ambient dishes, industrial dishes, noise peppers and so forth. In all fairness those three descriptions pretty much nail this album on the head.
Opener “Trula Struna” is noisy and oppressive, make no bones about it; the rich dark ambient drones and waves are carried along with crushing oscillators that rise slowly and pummel the senses – mercilessly so. There is a massive element of musique concrète here by the time “Larma Akistika” comes about; manipulated tones and the bell of an old grandfather clock alongside its inner workings are driven along, rising and falling in hypnotic waves. Rarely have the workings of such a household object been used in such a sinister fashion.
“Moje Čelo” is pure aural torture, not in the bad sense, mind you – it simply is meant to be this harsh and brutal on your senses. Even when quiet you cannot escape the fact that this is being slowly driven like needles into your brain, and is the perfect backdrop to any self-respecting panic attack.
Further reading states that both artists have done this with a fair share of humour. I really am scratching my head at this, unless this duo is completely stark raving bonkers. Either way, funny side or not, this is professionally done and a sure-fire winner for fans of proper old industrial and dark ambient purists. A fine, disturbing listen from start to finish.


— Tony Young

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