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Contagious Orgasm & C-drík – Journeys Into Space And Time

Contagious Orgasm & C-drík - Journeys Into Space And Time

CD, Syrphe, 2008

The pairing of a couple of artists such as these immediately sparked my interest. I quite like previous works I have heard from both, and could that surely only lead to good things? Thankfully this is a yes.
“Transit” kicks off the album in fine form. Suspense-driven violins carry the backdrop to an obscure film-noir soundtrack, dripping with almost murderous intent, and maniacally grabs you by the throat with glee, casually warning you that this might just not be the easiest of listens in the long haul. “Journeys Into Space and Time” obviously is some form of concept album and does teeter around with an almost sci-fi undercurrent. However, this seems to take a back seat, even if this was not the intention; I get something else from it that overrides its cosmos-like quality – it has an intense ritualism. Make no bones about it, if we really are getting down to the nitty-gritty, there is a dark ambient album flowing throughout its veins and it would be wrong to say that it slots singularly into that pigeonhole as well; this is multi-genre placement with consummate ease.
Gritty and noisy, this release also has the ability to pummel the listener, and this doesn’t surprise me with one half of the act being Contagious Orgasm. You really can hear what both parties bring to the table and that’s just why this works so well. C-drík lifts Contagious Orgasm just when needed, and dare I say, gives this album a certain ease of listening when it could get a little too loud for some listeners. It is an intriguing and intense listen for those who like their music dark and potent with a fair range of depth.


— Tony Young

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