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16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid – 12″ split

16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid - 12" split

12″, Flop Beat Disk, 2009

The latest release from Minor Label’s sister label Flop Beat Disk is a serving of frequency altering mayhem. This split contains harsh rhythmic noise, glitches dark electronics and enough screaming to think you are at a punk concert in the mid 1970s.
16 Pad Noise Terrorist offers up two rowdy tracks (“T_or_error” and “Dub Terror”) of crunchy beats, simple synths and percussive guttural lyrical hits. Tlic offers up a dark ambient electronic piece, “All Questions End”, that is remotely reminiscent of Dead Voices On Air until the addition of a percussive synth line – this is the calm in the storm between the noise titans, 16 Pad Noise Terrorist and Cyperkid. Cyperkid kicks out 2 tracks (“Impure Imbalance” and “Komores”) that bound between rhythmic noise grinding under layers of distortion, samples, and glitches reminiscent of Endif. The production quality differs between these artists with 16 Pad Noise Terrorist sounding like an old punk record skipping, Tlic sounding clear and refined, and Cyperkid utilizing distortion ambience. The highlights on this release are definitely Tlic’s “All Questions End” and Cyperkid’s “Komores”.
In the end, the collection of these 3 artists is a sonic assault on the listener’s senses, though not everyone’s cup of tea. For fans of experimental noise, post-breakcore/rhythmic noise.


— James Church

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