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Caustic – And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit

Caustic - And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit

CD/digital, self-released, 2010

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to Caustic? Songs that seep with sarcasm, smell of week old beer, and have a general ‘fuck you’ mentality. This latest offering from Caustic’s mastermind, Matt Fanale is no exception to any of those preconceived notions.
Caustic delivers an album that rapidly kicks you in the genitals like a drunk frat boy from start to finish with defiant anthems such as “The Saint of Fuck-Ups”, the screaming barrage of “Fail Better” and the tongue in cheek “Bad Habits”. The last song on the album, “My Crutch”, is a 180º detour after the rest of the material featuring an acoustic ramble with Dan Clark of the Dark Clan. The release features another incredible guest appearance with the Vomit Arsonist adding some flavor to “Chewing Glass At The Zoo”. Highlights on the album would include the spit in your face sing along “Piss and Vinegar”, the lounge meets distortion “Bueno Excellente” and the mid-90s hip-hop influenced “Chewing Glass At The Zoo”.
If you are looking for brutal honesty and social eye jab commentary amidst gritty lo-fi beats and whirrs then look no further. The production is a little flat here and there but maintains the classic Matt Fanale essence of D.I.Y.. Granted this is not everyone’s idea of something to listen to on a Sunday drive but it fits perfectly in my collection as a long time fan of prior releases (“Booze Up And Riot” and “This Is Jizzcore”). This is a welcome addition for the long time listeners and hopefully will perk a few new ears.


— James Church

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