Various Artists – You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2)

Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2)'


01. Manufactura – Live By The Knife, Die By The Knife (Shiv Mix by Lucidstatic)
02. Marching Dynamics – Freaky Natural
03. Nubbin – These Mistakes Are Mine Alone
04. NXV – Cold (Heart) Fusion
05. Pyroclastic – Oil Barrel
06. Rekahoe – The Blind Leading The Deaf
07. STG – Nursing The Dead
08. Tea & Grief – Oppression
09. To Mega Therion – Forbidden Knowledge
10. Vuxnut – BX 8A
11. W.A.S.T.E. – Marked For Extinction
12. Whormongr – Bloodmachine

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“Live By The Knife, Die By The Knife (Shiv Mix by Lucidstatic)” original written & produced by Manufactura 2006; remixed by Lucidstatic 2008; mastered by Karloz.M; courtesy of Crunch Pod Records
“Freaky Natural” written & recorded by Shane Talada; www.myspace.com/marchingdynamics
“These Mistakes Are Mine Alone” written & produced by August Sargenti; www.myspace.com/augustsargenti
“Cold [heart] Fusion” written/composed/produced by N.Viola; courtesy of MechanismZ; myspace.com/nonconvexmechanics
“Oil Barrel” written, produced & recorded, by R.Reeleyez; www.myspace.com/pyroclastic23
“The Blind Leading The Deaf” written & produced by Theo Harper a.k.a. DJ Rekahoe; www.myspace.com/rekahoeect
“Nursing The Dead” written, arranged & produced by STG; www.12inch.com/stg, www.myspace.com/stg
“Oppression” written, arranged & produced by Jeff N. & Nick V. in 2008; www.myspace.com/cellulardischarge
“Forbidden Knowledge” written & recorded by Tyler Viscerine and Vuxnut, July 2008; courtesy of Vendetta Music; www.tmtlegion.com,
“BX8A” written & recorded by Vuxnut; courtesy of MechanismZ/Layer 23; www.myspace.com/vuxnut
“Marked For Extinction (Early Mix)” written & recorded by Vuxnut; courtesy of Vendetta music; www.myspace.com/waste
“Bloodmachine (original mix)” written & produced by Wolfgang Chan; www.whormongr.com, www.myspace.com/whormongr

Compiled by Shane Talada (a.k.a. The Operative; www.mechanismz.com) for Connexion Bizarre in August-November 2008.
Artwork by M.

Creative Commons License
“You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.1)” by Manufactura,
Marching Dynamics, Nubbin, NXV, Pyroclastic, Rekahoe, STG, Tea & Grief, To Mega
Therion, Vuxnut, W.A.S.T.E., Whormongr
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“You Are Here: a compilation of California electronics (vol.2)” is NCB008

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