Special Love – I Want To Touch You

Special Love - I Want To Touch You


01. The Prettiest Boy
02. I See You
03. Binoculars
04. I Want To Touch You
05. Communal Showers
06. Watching You

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About the artist

Special Love were Scotland’s hottest gay synthpop/power electronics band, active for one glorious year, 2005. They parted company in spring 2006 after singer Johnny Dave eloped to the Czech Republic to pursue a vain love affair, which was doomed to failure, leaving ex-bandmate Charlie George crying into his pillow (and thinking about joining newer, less sexual bands).

About this release

Whitehouse doing unspeakable things to Soft Cell! Brighter Death Now taking a young Depeche Mode from behind and giving them a damn good seeing to! Genocide Organ touching Erasure in a way even they wouldn’t enjoy!


All tracks written by Special Love (www.myspace.com/specialloveisdead)
Mastered by Charlie George
Artwork by Johnny Dave

Originally released 2005.

All material is © Special Love 2010. All Rights Reserved

“I Want To Touch You” is NCB019

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