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Comisario Hjuler & Madre Osa – Música Experimental

Comisario Hjuler & Madre Osa - Música Experimental

Cassette, Circuit Torçat, 2010

Cassettes are back – yeah – and what a great revival it is. With the many kinds of media we can choose from, why would an artist choose for the cassette to release his, her or their work. Don’t expect a difficult answer, because it can (and has been) discussed over and over. The simple answer is: Because the music either needed, wanted or chose it itself.
In the case of Comisario Hjuler & Madre Osa, Spanish for Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Bär, the music fits the medium very well. If it would be an MP3, you would probably skip throough the first track (about 25 minutes) because people have grown too lazy to invest in actually LISTENING to something. Same way you probably will scan through this review and didn’t notice the word diaper being used two times.
With this short timespan people are nowadays listening with, you wouldn’t have heard the beauty and tension in the 25 minute “Wegbeschreisbung Zum Kühlschrank” (Roadmap to the Refrigerator), a really nice dadaistic sound poem with concrete and fluxus influences.
The reverse side counts thirteen tracks by Mister Bear a.k.a Kommissar Hjuler. These tracks are a bit more for the die-hard, compositions for voice and piano based on the 4mm large embryo of their sun Cy, which was growing in Mama Bear’s tummy. The pieces are between 55 seconds and 3 minutes and a bit and the lyrics are taken from Danish porn magazines, and no: the editors at CB offices didn’t smell the diaper, nor did we check the porn magazines.
“Música Experimental” is packed into a babyblue casing, the cassette itself is also babyblue, the artwork is also kinda babyblue and Cy has all right to be proud at his parents. Even though their music isn’t amongst the easiest of listenings.


— Bauke

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