Free Releases

“Neue Zeit Victory” by Letzte Ausfahrt Leben off Inhermanland Files is an interesting mix of dark rhythmic noise and industrial. From the martial-industrialesque dirge of “Russian Field”, to the hopeful yet gritty dark ambient of “Victory”, to the dance floor pounding in “Stalin Future”, there’s something here for everyone. Highly recommended.

Noetic Echoes’s “Apotheosis” is a short self-released album/EP on Bandcamp. It starts with a complex dark rhythmic noise track, followed by a track of slow moving electronica track of epic scale. For these two tracks alone this is worthwhile downloading.

The ladies of Cacophoneuses make some kick-ass rhythmic noise, and generously offer four free tracks to download off SoundCloud.

In every Hezzel release there are always some gems along with rest of the quality work. “Randomise Before Use” off Absetzer is no exception. Good solid beat driven rhythmic noise / industrial.

“Orbitus”, yet another free Access To Arasaka E.P. (this time via the Tympanik Audio label) doesn’t bring any new surprises but anything by Access To Arasaka is still a must (especially free).

Two remix releases from Bit Riot Records: Cyanotic’s “Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition” and Torrent Vaccine’s “rEmiXUDE”

Finally, free label samplers. First off, the German label Aentitainment serves us a treat of broken music in the form of a free label sampler compilation sugestively titled “Free Aentitainment Sampler”. For those looking for harder sounds, the “Bit Riot Records 2011” sampler may be just what the doctor ordered.

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