Program 20100222-0228

Part 1
(“Nightgaunt” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast Intro
The Unquiet Void – A Troubled, Dream-Infested Slumber
[Poisoned Dreams – Middle Pillar Presents]
Test Dept. – Fall From Light
[Beating The Retreat – Some Bizarre]
Faust & Dälek – Remnants
[Derbe Respect, Adler – Staubgold]
Maschinenzimmer 412 – Dead Broadcast
[Malfeitor – Cold Meat Industry]
Haus Arafna – Invisible
[Butterfly – Galakthorrö]
Orphx – Biorythm
[The Living Tissue – Hands]
Xabec – Transformation
[Using Unused Methods – Hands]
Download – Base Metal
[The Eyes of Stanley Pain – Nettwerk]
Spyweirdos – Fallen
[Wetsound Orchestra – Poeta Negra]
Talvekoidik – Such A Perfect Day
[Silent Reflections – Brume Records]
Current Value & Rodell – Requiem
[Sparse Land – Subtrakt]
King Cannibal – A Shining Force
[Let The Night Roar – Ninja Tune]
Morgenstern – Faces of Phobia
[Two Different Faces – Ant-Zen]
STROM.ec – Hypnoosi
[Glass Cage – Kaos Kontrol]
Gridlock – Retina
[The Synthetic Form – Pendragon Records]

Part 2
(“20100222-0228” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Lights Out Asia – Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl
[Eyes Like Brontide – n5MD]
Atmogat – Indian Summer
[Trigger Event – Impulsive Art]
Wild Shores – Computers Words
[Illusion Of Movement – M-tronic]
Kush Arora – Boiling Over
[Boiling Over – Record Label Records]
Dälek – Gutter Tactics
[Gutter Tactics – Ipecac Records]
Architect – Unhuman
[Consume Adapt Create – Hymen Records]
Cyperkid – Impure Balance
[16pnt vs Tlic vs Cyperkid 12″ – Minor Label]
Everything Goes Cold – I’ve sold your organs on the black market to finance the purchase of a used minivan
[Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure – Bit Riot Records]
Lewsor – Industrial Brass Band
[No Error – Audiotrauma]
Ambassador 21 – À La Guerre Comme À La Guerre
[Power Rage (face your future killers) – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Kshatriy – The Spirits
[Slepok Soznaniya – Musika Voln]
Downtao – Earthworks
[Luz & Land Music – Oceanik Productions]

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