Program 20100215-0221

Part 1
(“Chaos Sedated” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast Intro
Ain Soph – Kshatriya
[Kshatriya – Hau Ruck! SPQR]
Tribe Of Circle – Tabula Rasa
[Children Of A Weakened God – Hau Ruck!]
:Golgatha: And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – What The Thunder Said
[Sang Graal – Cold Meat Industry]
Arditi – Sun of Predappio
[Marching On To Victory – Svartvintras Productions]
Phragments – Song For The Burning World
[The Burning World – The Eastern Front]
Rome – The Joys Of Stealth
[Confessions D’Un Voleur D’Ames – Cold Meat Industry]
Nordvargr – Sulphur Mist
[Awaken – CD Maximum]
Post Scriptvm – Ruins Of Men
[Raspad – Tesco Organisation]
New Risen Throne – A Glance Thru the Mournful Remains
[Crossing the Withered Regions – Cold Meat Industry]
Toroidh – My Will
[Testament – War Office Propaganda]
Cruelty Campaign – Voice Of World Control
[Distressed Signals – Tesco Organisation]

Part 2
(“Mardi Gras 2010” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
i.m.m.u.r.e. – once
[The New Circle – Zhelezobeton]
Dogpop – Ewiges Kino
[Jahrmark Der Verlorenen Kinder – UMB Kollektif]
Punish Yourself vs. Sonic Area – Ici Bas
[Phenomedia – Audiotrauma]
Esperik Glare – City Of Insects
[untitled – self-released]
Navicon Torture Technologies – She Throws Me To The Dogs (with Prometheus Burning)
[Your Suffering Will Be Legendary (Book IV – The Schism Yawns Wide) – Malignant Records]
Bipol – Talk About My Scream
[Fritter Away – Ant-Zen]
Artz+Pfusch – Constipated Disembowelment
[V/A – Septic VIII – Dependent]
Loss – 071123
[V/A – Emerging Organisms Vol.3 – Tympanik Audio]
Pedro Peñas Robles & Laurent Maltinti – Vaya Con Dios (Normotone edit version)
[V/A – Electronic Manifesto 4: Epitaph – M-tronic]
Tamagawa – Principe Endogamik
[Plus Tard, Le Même Jour… – NOECHO Records]
Thomas Watkiss – The Iron Wheel
[Ancestor Phase II – Machine – The Seventh Media]

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