Program 20080623-0629

Part 1
(“Snaredrums & Freebase II” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Cyberworm – Outside Limits
[Wasteland – Opposide Records]
Kraken – Warped
[2 On 1 Series – Underfire]
Cubanate – Isolation
[Interference – Unacceptable]
Counterstrike – Lost Souls
[From Beyond The Grave – Algorythm Recordings]
Raiden & The Panacea – La Shit
[Cryptonomicon EP – Position Chrome]
Limewax – Icicle
[Romance Explosion EP – Freak Recordings]
Technical Itch – Death Jazz
[The 50th Plague – Tech Itch Recordings]
Mr. Kill – Aerodynamit Punx
[The Teknoist & Scheme Boy vs Mr. Kill – Bang A Rang]
Doormouse – Ghosts (Abelcain mix)
[Ghosts – Addict Records]
Slacknote + DJ Hidden – Where’s The Score? (Evol Intent remix)
[Where’s The Score? – Evol Intent)
Hecate – Houris’ Horus
[Seven Veils of Silence – Hymen Records]
[Through The Looking Glass – Polydor]

Part 2
(“Sorted & Looking Forward” with music selection by M.)
IGO – Fake Van Goth
[Synth Love – Modern Sky]
The Rorschach Garden – Your Face
[Transfer – Bazooka Joe]
Iris – Lands Of Fire (Mesh Pyromix)
[Hydra – Diffusion Records]
Boole – Anachron
[The Vital Few – Sonic Mainline]
Everything Goes Cold – I’ve Sold Your Organs on the Black Market to Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan (Except for the Stupid Skeletor Tattoo on Your Right Bicep… I Kept That Shit Mix by Boom of Society Burning)
[Prepare To Be Refrigerated – Sonic Mainline]
Famine – Blood Sacrifice
[Every Mirror Turns Black – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Alter Der Ruine – Coppin’ It Sweet
[State Of Ruin – Sistinas]
Angelspit – Girl Poison
[Blood Death Ivory – Dancing Ferret Discs]
Element Abuse – Human Ladder
[Unbirth – Ytterbium]
Pneumatic Detach – Automatic Nation (PD vs Alessandro Paccia)
[[ko.mor.bid] – Tympanik Audio]
Frontline Assembly – Lowlife
[Artificial Soldier – Metropolis Records]

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