Program 20040523-0601

Part 1
(guest music selection by :JW:)
Distain! – America (Texas mix)
[America – Chrom Records]
This Morn O’Mina – The One Eyed Man
[Seven Years of Famine – Spectre]
Lords of Acid – Cybersex Scherzo
[Our Little Secret – Play It Again Sam]
KMFDM – Material Girl
[Virgin Voices – Cleopatra Records]
Cat Rapes Dog – Eating People is Fun
[People as Prey – Sub Space Communications]
The Galan Pix – Anuschka Corazon
[Anuschka Corazon – Subsdance]
Waldeck – Cat People Dub
[The Night Garden – Dope Noir]
Antimatter – Expire
[Lights Out – Prophecy]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Deathboy – Revolution (featuring Warren Ellis)
[web release – Wasp Factory]
Pzychobitch – Breakdown
[The Day After – Minuswelt]
Laibach – Achtung
[WAT – Mute Records]
DAF – Der Sheriff
[Fünfzehn Neue DAF Lieder – Superstar Recordings]
Kontrast – Nr.1 in der Hölle
[Industrie<>Romantik – Indigo]
Cycloon – Nemesis
[Zeitseize – Scanner]
Data Raper – Wall Street Lobectomy
[Carbon Flora – Brume Records]
KiEw – Sojifu (cleaned)
[Diskette – Out Of Line]

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