Program 20040516-0522

Part 1
Arcane Passage – Mirror Man
[Reinventing the 80’s volume 2 – Cleopatra Records]
Scala – Heart of Glass
[Beauty Nowhere – Touch]
Reporter EstrĂ¡bico – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
[Mouse Music – Norte Sul]
Celluloide – Alice
[Naphtaline virtual EP – online self-release]
Cut.Rate.Box – Behind the Wheel
[New Religion – Accession Records]
:wumpscut: – All Cried Out
[Preferential Tribe – Beton Kopf Media]
Birmingham 6 – Thunderstruck
[Covered In Black – Cleopatra Records]
Aaron Sutcliffe – Viva Las Vegas
[Last Train to Salinas – Sub Space Communications]

Part 2
Statemachine – Less than Perfect
[Short and Explosive – Sub Space Communications]
Iberian Spleen – The Family Keeps Standing
[Drama’N’Base – Memento Materia]
I, Parasite – Gun
[Turin – Dark Vision Media]
F/A/V – Du Kommst Nicht An
[Freude Am Verzweifeln – Mental Ulcer Forges]
Censor – Empire Holds Down
[Empire Holds Down – Hive Records]
O.T.X. – Mental Escape
[t.b.r. – Brume Records]

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