Kate’s Sonic Stew

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Identifier
Frank Riggio – Cicatrice
[Anamorphose – CCT Records]
Sonic Area – Oktober
[We Need You – Audiotrauma]
Dazzling Malicious – Katzenfabrik
[Not Our World Alone – Pavillon36 Recordings]
Moderat – Sick With It (feat Dellé aka Eased from Seeed)
[Moderat (Basic Version) – BPitch Control]
False Mirror – Wasteland
[Derelict World – Malignant Records]
Coil – Where Are You?
[Music To Play In The Dark 2 – Chalice]
Urceus Exit – The Worst That We’ve Become
[Compensation for the Sound of Silence – Artoffact Records]
Psapp – Somewhere There Is A Record Of Our Actions
[The Camel’s Back – Domino USA]
Tokyo Morose – Women Who Can’t Say No
[Specific Ocean EP – Square Root Records]
How To Destroy Angels – The Space In between
[How To Destroy Angels – Self Released]
Iszoloscope – Inseparable From The Void
[The Edge of Certainty – Ant-Zen]
Famine – Mercury (What Lies Behind The Curtain)
[Nature’s Twin Tendencies – Tympanik Audio]
Chrysalide – All Guilty (Live)
[100th Live 4.24.2K10 – Audiotrauma]

-– music selection & mixing by MissyK8

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