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2010 Staff Picks

Alexei Monroe

Le Syndicat Electronique “Retrospect[r]ive 1998-2005” (Disorder Records)
Morbus M. “Forget The Past” (Hands Productions)
Thomas Köner “Teimo/Permafrost/Nunatak” (Type)
Suum Cuique “Midden” (Young Americans)
The Black Dog “Final Collected Vexations” (Dust Digital)
Patricia Bosshard And Simon Grab “MRI” (Everest Records)
Marcus Fjellström “Schattenspieler” (Miasmah)
Traversable Wormhole – “Traversable Wormhole Vol. 01-05” (CLR)
Rapoon “The Bush Prophet” (Ewers Tonkunst, Indiestate Distribution)
Pan Sonic “Gravitoni” (Blast First)
Absolute Body Control “Shattered Illusion” (Sleepless/Daft Records) [honourable mention]
Sylvgheist Maëlström “Lahar” (SylvgheistMaëlström/Connexion Bizarre) [honourable mention]
Greie Gut Faktion “Baustelle” (Monika) [honourable mention]
Terence Fixmer “Comedy of Menace” (Electric Deluxe) [honourable mention]
Surgeon “Compliance Momentum” (Dynamic Tension) [honourable mention]

Andrew Clegg

Architect “Consume Adapt Create” (Hymen)
Young Gods “Everybody Knows” (Two Gentlemen)
Trentemøller “Into the Great Wide Yonder” (In My Room)
Niveau Zero “In_Sect” (Ad Noiseam)
Subheim “No Land Called Home” (Ad Noiseam)
Matta “Prototype” (Ad Noiseam)
Black Sun Empire “Lights and Wires” (Black Sun Empire)
Zeller “Turbulences” (Tympanik Audio)
Lorn “Nothing Else” (Brainfeeder)
Phace & Misanthrop “From Deep Space” (Neosignal)
Domain ID “Boombox Apocalypse” (Muti) [honourable mention]
Bong-Ra “Monster” (Ad Noiseam) [honourable mention]

Bauke van der Wal

Ah Cama-Sotz “Blood Will Tell” (Bats & Cats)
Asche “The Easter Island Phenomenon” (Ant-Zen)
Atrabilis Sunrise “Pillgrimage” (Raubbau)
Cindytalk “The Poetry Of Decay” (Editions Mego)
En Nihil “The Absolute” (Love Earth Music)
Pan Sonic “Gravitoni” (Blast First Petite)
The Prayer Tree “The Prayer Tree” (Hymen Records)
Synnack “v2.5” (Force of Nature Productions)
Ultra Milkmaids “Medecine” (Ant-Zen)
Zero Degree “Probe” (Ant-Zen)
Yen Pox “Blood Music” (Malignant Records) [re-release of the year]

Dan Barrett

Access To Arasaka “==null ep” (self-release)
Autechre “Oversteps” (warp)
False Mirror “Derelict World” (Malignant Records)
Geomatic “64 Light Years Away” (Tympanik Audio)
Iszoloscope “The Edge Of Certainty” (Ant-Zen)
Phelios “Astral Unity” (Malignant Records)
Proem “Enough Conflict” (n5MD)
Tzolk’in “Tonatiuh” (Ant-Zen)
Visions “Summoning The Void” (Cyclic Law)
Yen Pox “Blood Music (re-release)” (Malignant Records)
Various “Wounds of the Earth Compilation II” (Wounds of the Earth) [honourable mention]
Raison d’Être “Live Archive” (Infinite Fog) [honourable mention]
Famine “Nature’s Twin Tendencies” (Tympanik Audio) [honourable mention – haven’t heard the whole thing yet!]
Roel Funcken “Vade” (Ad Noiseam) [honourable mention]

Dutton Hauhart

Zeller – “Turbulences” (Tympanik Audio)
Pantha du Prince – “Black Noise” (Rough Trade)
CH.District – “Conclusion” (M-Tronic)
The Blood of Heroes – s/t (Ohm Resistance)
Sleigh Bells – “Treats” (Mom+Pop / N.E.E.T.)
Gultskra Artikler – “Galaktika” (Other Electricities)
Kush Arora – “Boiling Over” (Record Label Records / Kush Arora Productions)
Dryft – “Ventricle” (n5MD)
Flying Lotus – “Cosmogramma” (Warp Records)
Shining – “Blackjazz” (Indie Recordings)
Die Antwoord – “$0$” (Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records)

Pedro Vieira

Cosmetics “Soft Skin/Black Leather Gloves” (Captured Tracks)
A Place to Bury Strangers “Ego Death” (Mute Corporation)
Die Antwoord “$O$” (Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records)
Mishka Presents Zombie Rave Special Edition “Mater Suspiria Vision” (Mishka)
Brendan Perry “Ark” (Cooking Vinyl)
Noblesse Oblige “Malady” (RepoRecords)
Das Präparat “Unschuldsblicke” (Scanner)
Deine Lakaien “Indicator” (Chrom Records)
Sixth June “Everytime” (No Emb Blanc)
Psyche “Re-Membering Dwayne” (Artoffact Records)
Salem “King Night” (IAmSound Records) [honourable mention]
Tesla Boy “Modern Thrills” (Mullet Records) [honourable mention]
Nina Belief “System Of Belief” (No Emb Blanc) [honourable mention]
Santa Hates You “P.A.N.I.C.” (Trisol) [honourable mention]
Waves Under Water “Red Red Star” (Danse Macabre) [honourable mention]

Kate Turgoose

Apocalyptica “7th Symphony” (Dragnet Records)
Brother Dege “Folk Tales of the American Longhair” (GolarWash Labs & Records)
C.H. District “Conclusion” (M-Tronic)
Chrysalide “100th Live 4.24.2K10? (Audiotrauma)
Dax Riggs “Say Goodnight To The World” (Fat Possum Records)
Famine “Nature’s Twin Tendencies” (Tympanik Audio)
Gil Scott-Heron “I’m New Here” (XL Recordings)
Iris “Blacklight” (Infacted Recordings)
Lewsor “No Error” (Audiotrauma)
Niveau Zero “In_Sect” (Ad Noiseam)

Miguel de Sousa

Android Lust “The Human Animal” (Synthellec Music)
Cursor Miner “Requires Attention” (Uncharted Audio)
False Mirror “Derelict World” (Malignant Records)
I/dex “Layers” (Lagunamuch )
Kush Arora “Boiling Over” (Record Label Records)
Niveau Zero “In_sect” (Ad Noiseam)
The Prayer Tree “The Prayer Tree” (Hymen Records)
Prometheus Burning/Four Pi Movement “Displacement Disorder/Murder In The RAW” (Augmented Records)
Rorschach Garden “42 Times Around the Sun” (Bazooka Joe)
Strange2 “Ciclos” (Lovethechaos)
Igorrr “Baroquecore EP” (Aentitainment) [must-have EP]
Various “Main Control Board” (Lagunamuch) [compilation/label sampler of the year]
Ellen Alien “Dust” (Bpitch Control) [honourable mention]
Igorrr “Moisissure & Poisson Soluble” (Impulsive Art) [honourable mention, re-release]
Metaform “The Electric Mist” (self-released) [honourable mention]

Nathan Clemence

Swans – “My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky” (Young God)
Interpol – s/t (Matador)
I Like Trains – “He Who Saw The Deep” (ILR)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – “Kollaps Tradixionales” (Constellation)
Control – “Deadly Sins” (Malignant)
Squaremeter – “Heliogabal” (Ant-Zen)
O Children – s/t (Deadly People)
Fire In The Head – “Confessions Of A Narcissist” (Cold Spring)
Autoclav1.1 – “All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon” (Tympanik Audio)
Anathema – “We’re Here Because We’re Here” (Kscope)
Job Karma – “Punkt!” (OBUH) [honourable mention]
Kraken – “Strop” (Raubbau) [honourable mention]
Foals – “Total Life Forever” (Transgressive) [honourable mention]

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