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Kinetik Festival 4.0: Solitary Experiments

Solitary Experiments

In your experience, how does the music scene compare between North America and Europe?

I have never dealt with this question, but in my opinion there are no great differences between both. The only exception probably lies in the fact that the American market has changed almost completely on digital publications. Sorry, but I haven’t enough experience to answer this question right.

What are your thoughts on Metropolis, the main venue for Kinetik 4.0?

The organizer really made a good choice with Metropolis, and we liked it very much. It is a huge theatre and we were really impressed by this amazing venue with all the stairs and the great balcony. Also, the idea to put all merchandise stands into the main hall was great, and there were enough bars everywhere with a nice staff and without a long latency time. Thus everything was well organized.

What was your fondest memory of this year’s Kinetik Festival?

The fondest memory for all of us, I guess, was the kindness of the Canadian citizen by itself. Very movingly for me personally, was also a conversation with Jim Semonik, who told me how much our music helps him to fight against his cancer. It is good to know that we really reach people with our lyrics and give them, therefore, something they can hold on. By the way, I promised him a Solitary Experiments contribution for the second volume!

What city have you not yet performed in that you would like to?

You mean in Canada? Of course, Toronto would catch our interest too! Years ago, I read about a club called Savage Garden where they were spinning our songs. But unfortunately, I heard it was closed in 2008. As well, we would be glad to visit other American cities, because except Los Angeles and San Francisco, we know, actually, no other town in the North America.

Who came up with the idea for those sharp red shirts and black Solitary Experiments ties?

Interesting question. It was Michael who said to me, according to the “Mind Over Matter” album, that he likes something fresh for the artwork of the follow full length. He said that the red color would fit best to it. As you should know, the music and the lyrics in relation to the layout and the image of a Solitary Experiments album must always be suitable and match perfectly together. That’s why we came up with the idea for red worker shirts and ties with the Solitary Experiments icon. It looks military, elegant, and trendy.

Solitary Experiments has come a long way over the past two decades. Do you see there coming a day when you will tire of making music, or is this the vocation you want to maintain?

Haha, never, ever! Music is our life and will always be it. It is our fate and we will continue unceasingly.

Do you find there is a difference between the reactions to your music from a festival audience compared with an audience at a standard concert?

Another interesting question. The main thing is that on a standard concert, most of the audience are fans and they know the artist, so you get mostly a really good feedback depending on the respective show. With a festival it is different. There you must reach, first of all, the people who do not know you. That’s why it is harder to convince a festival audience, but it is really important for us to win more fans.

What would you like to see change in the electronic/industrial music scene in the next ten years?

There is only one thing; that everybody should slowly recognize that copy kills music! If nobody wants to understand it, there will be no electronic music scene in ten years. That’s it!

Can Solitary Experiments fans hope to see you back in North America anytime soon?

Wow, I hear this question more and more. It depends on your local organizers, if they are really interested and like to book us, we are ready! But please mind, it is indeed expensive for a European band to be touring in the States. No ticky, no washy.

If you had to choose one song to play at every live show for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Hehe, I would have expected the question differently around. A song that we play at every live show, although we can like it itself no more, is “Delight”, for example. A song that we definitely like and play very often and for sure in the future as well is probably, “The Dark Inside Me”. Don’t ask me why, maybe this song has a special feeling and atmosphere. But my personal favorite for the rest of my life is certainly, “Immortal”!

How would you feel about playing at the next Kinetik?

We would be very honored and delighted to come back again. It was really worth the long waiting and the great distance to take part on this amazing festival with a great line-up for sure. Thanks again!

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Solitary Experiments

— interview and photo by Joshua Kreger (May 2011)

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