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Kinetik Festival 4.0: Monolith


How do you find the music scene differs between Europe and North America, and how has this changed over the years?

The festivals and bands in the scene are similar now. Same atmosphere and many of the same bands on the line up. Of course, thanks to festivals like Kinetik. In Europe it is still more happening, I believe, also out of the ebm scene but connected with it, like extremer industrial noise, experimental bands or minimal stuff. But I live in Berlin…overdose of sound here!

What are your plans for Monolith in the coming years?

It’s one of my musical babies I created and will continue doing as long i am able to. This year in September I have a new, still untitled, release coming up on Sleepless Records Berlin, and some shows to play. The future stays open, making things alone or with guests in the studio, it depends what comes my way. I am very happy to be creative in different projects, so for myself I will not get bored or have fear to get blocked musically. I don’t follow the sound of a moment or style. I just do what I have in mind, and that mind is strange, I know.

Out of the other performances at Kinetik, which sets did you find to be the most enjoyable?

Actually I really enjoyed the Krupps and Front 242 shows…Very good atmosphere in the kinetik location and the correct music for older guys like me!

What would you like to see change in the electronic/industrial music scene in the next ten years?

In the last thirty years we came to the point that a lot is possible and that’s good . All kinds of electronics are here to enjoy and I hope it stays that way! But for many musicians I hope that they could go more extreme; fuck off rules, to keep the scene exiting for the fans. Listeners I hope support the musicians who do this!

Looking back for a moment, in what performance of yours was the most memorable?

One concert I played in a open-air festival; Dour Festival, late after the headliners. When I started,
there were twenty people drinking their beer in front of me. Not so exiting, I thought. I started
my first beats and in time of five to ten minutes there came around five-thousand people out of the darkness running to the sound they heard, and start dancing, screaming, and making a party. It was the weirdest experience I ever had, unexpectedly the best concert ever!

Can Monolith fans hope to see you back in North America anytime soon?

No plans for now. I am very busy with… (thirty years existing)… Absolute Body Control and Klinik, so
many shows are booked until next year for these projects. But after that maybe yes. Let’s hope
there’s some chances to do that.

How would you feel about playing at the next Kinetik?

It would be great to come back one time. It was a nice festival; great location, good sound-systems, only the drinks could be less expensive! But ok, if get invited again that will be no reason to stay home!

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— interview and photo by Joshua Kreger (May 2011)

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