Matt Davignon – Living Things

“Living Things” succeeds especially in its intimacy, permitting listeners to scrutinize its multifaceted underbelly of staccato crackling and gurgling wetness. They will find themselves rapt with attention, trying to discern in all that murky, bubbling saturation where exactly the drum machine dwells. Like a patient and secretive swamp creature, it doesn’t want to be found, and that is precisely the beauty of this release.

Kinetix / Pylône – Sonology

Both artists are masters of subtle movement and minuscule fluctuations, and both also express an aesthetic that escapes the constraints of time, casting the listener into uncharted depths filled with drones and half-formed sentience. “Sonology” is an excursion in perception and sublimity, and a fine example of artistic alignment.

tokee – Quintuplet

With “Quintuplet” tokee not only delivers five fresh tracks, but also a sizeable selection of top-notch remixes; a limited release that, thankfully, plays like a brand new full-length. From 4/4 thumpers splattered with breaks and glitch to coasting and fluid downtempo groovers, tokee’s flawless production and innate sense of tempo render “Quintuplet” a powerhouse of swirling layers and solid beats.

Zeller – Turbulences

“Turbulences”, the latest from French industrial adept Zeller, could not be more aptly titled. The concise yet gut-shaking panorama of digital emissions and fractured beats found here challenges orientations in both genre and scale, seating Zeller firmly in the realm of seething, hard sci-fi soundtracks for the post-planetary age.