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Zero Degree – Probe

Zero Degree - Probe

CD, ant-zen, 2011

I love “Blade Runner” as much as the next sci-fi/geeky person does, but there comes a point when you just know what to expect from something when the press release quotes that movie, and not just the movie but that one line… “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…”, etc. It’s the ‘go to’ quotation for something that needs that moody, futurist sheen to it. In this case, the quote is very appropriately used.
“Probe” is something of an epic release, with even the shortest track coming in at nine minutes, and yes, it does have something of a science fiction sound to it; it is minimal, has samples of what seem like space missions/NASA, and very clever beats and sounds where they should be. I’m not much of a fan of minimal stuff, usually, as I need something to hook my attention from the beginning, or something with a bit of a beat to it. Minimal rarely gives me that, and the same can be said here. However, this release is very well accomplished and is an excellent example of how minimal music should be done.
Tracks that stand out are “Dark Slope Streaks”, featuring the aforementioned NASA-type samples, with a creepy balance of minimal beats, glitches and bleeps, and “One million miles beyond the Sun”, as it sounds a little like minimal house to my ears; floaty, rhythmic (in a way that minimalist can be) and trippy – perfect post-clubbing music to wash over you, but gently ease you back into reality.
For those who love minimal music, this should get the full 10/10, as it is a fantastic example of what this kind of music can do; for those who don’t, 5/10 because there is something in “Probe” for everyone to enjoy, it just takes a little time to find it. As for me, I like it, but I can’t find the right words to express that, so I’ll just keep listening to it until I do.


— Kate Turgoose

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