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Yvat – Oar

Yvat - Oar

3″ CD-R, Minor Label, 2006

Clicks and pops. Somehow I feel instantly attracted to the addictive rhythms made up by tiny scraps of sound and Yvat knows how to cleverly deliver them. The main focus of their e.p. is definitely the abstract percussion and the manner in which the beats repeat without repetition. A couple of other sounds are introduced that could be seen as either melodic or harmonic (or both), but while those elements do set a certain mood they never manage to really grab the listeners attention. The whole five track e.p. sounds like the electronics version of an uncompromising lo-fi garage band. You’ll either love it or hate it.
The disc also includes a video of the title track “Oar”. Just like the rest of the release it feels very D.I.Y. but in a good way. Bones, snails, puppets gas masks and dripping blood are surgically fused in this abstract animation. I won’t say much more about it (it sort of feels like I’m spoiling the plot already) but it definitely fits the music well and it really makes the release more special.
While I personally would have liked to hear a bit more diversity and maybe more tonal frequencies, I must say that Yvat are good at what they do. If you like your experimental electronic music raw and unpolished you might want to come across a shiny rock like this one.


— Tijs Ham

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