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Xabec – Feuerstern

Xabec - Feuerstern

7″ Vinyl, Drone Records, 2008

Another well-kept surprise was the release of the long anticipated drone by Xabec. It has been on the “to be expected” list for many moons and now it is finally here.
Caught in a really outstanding manufactured cardboard box (all packaging for first releases on Drone Records is made by the artists themselves) with golden imprint, the deep red vinyl gives you two drones of an amazingly high caliber. “Feuerstern” translates to fire star and it is the link to the origin of these tracks. Originally performed at a live festival with additional fireworks, the A-side holds the studio version of the original theme. The B-side contains the recorded live version with additional manipulated field recordings by Michael Northam.
This release doesn’t need any words to be advertised towards admirers of Xabec; they will already own the box. People still in doubt about whether to obtain a copy shouldn’t wait too long. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes be a (well deserved) bestseller.


— Bauke van der Wal

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