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V/A – Rhythms for Decay

V/A - Rhythms for Decay

CD, InfeKted Sound, 2005

Another label, dedicated to promoting music of different electronic styles, from ambient to rhythmic noise and breakcore has made its appearance: InfeKted Sound. To commemorate its birth, this UK-based label has released a compilation consisting of tracks of some nice projects, including others of different labels: Audiotrauma, Brume Records, Parametric, Divine Comedy, Force Of Nature, Crunchpod, YB70/ELVT, NEIN Records and Ant-Zen. This release from InfeKted Sound is presented in a special “ejector” CD case, so that DJs can get armed very quickly for the well-directed attack on world’s dancefloors.
This compilation starts with “Le Passage” by Twinkle, which nicely combines elements of ambient, noise and breakbeat. This start is, without a doubt, quite intriguing. “Sorry” performed by Chrysalide vs. FYD sounds more harsh, uniting rhythm’n’noise/power electronics and breakcore.
“Alhazred”, by Flint Glass, takes the compilation into a more quiet course of minimalistic and intelligent beats and rhythms. After that we can hear a rhythmic noise by S.H.I.Z.U.K.A. in the form of the track “Connected”. The continuation appears to be in the same style, with the noise ingredient being present in a bigger proportion, case in point is Lith’s “Breathe”.
EVA|3 transforms sound into so to speak atmospheric hardcore with their track “N.D.E.” and are followed by ESA’s “We All Know The World Is Wrong” – no less noisy, made in the same manner as a predecessor, but a little bit more rhythmic, in other words less static. It is important, because while listening these tracks one by one you may feel bored.
Generally speaking, in the middle of this compilation a real hunger appears for something dynamic and energetic. Maybe whoever compiled “Rhythms For Decay” had the same feeling: Autoclav’s “Hollow Point (Terrorfakt Mix)” slightly vivifies the atmosphere. However a remixer like Terrorfakt holds no pleasure, traditionally creating straightforward, banal and easily boring melodies.
Track number nine, “Insubstantiability (Decay_Cut)”, is a version of a track originally from Iszoloscope’s latest album, “The Audient Void”. Where the previous track hasn’t much success, this nicely done drum’n’noise track, finally blows the bomb! As if trying to keep the pace set by Iszoloscope’s track, “Rhythms For Decay” continues with hardcore from TriaX in the form of track with appropriate title “Bodyhammer”. This part concludes with Ebola’s hardcore/breakcore “Destructionoise” by Ebola. Dyspraxia in its turn offers to maffick with the techno-industrial track “Controlling Their Desires”, a highly attractive proposition! After that another one noisy attack awaits us, offered by Queynte’s track “Sufering Arousal”. Rudra Vena & Industriepalast blend electro-industrial and rhythm’n’noise extremely well with their “Clay (Brummkreisel Mix)” and the end result being is simply fantastic!
“Rhythms for Decay” ends with a track by Sonic Area titled “My Ghost” which nicely blends breakbeat and tribal tunes. A finale worthy of respect!
This compilation appears to be quite nice, its second part of it seeming to be more interesting and powerful, while the first part has a small amount of weak spots.


— Igor

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