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V/A – Hyperakusis

V/A - Hyperakusis

CD, Audiophob, 2008

Audiophob have been around for four years now and this is a celebration of sorts in the form of their tenth release, with relatively new artists to me and thus a curiosity almost straight away.
Alarmen kick off he first two numbers with some spacey, eclectic electronics and pleasant beat structures that are neither offensive nor alarming, but more chirpy or peculiar. There is barely any difference in the change between tracks three and four by Nerthus, such are the similarities. Their approach is slightly colder and more sparse than the previous two numbers and they do flit around with some interesting ambient textures and glitches that sound like a richer, fuller artery-clogging musique concrète cholesterol; such is the additional weight added into the mix.
There are some subtle beauties on this album, delicate tones that stretch out to grab the hand of IDM but just manage to miss before taking hold. Spherical Disrupted are one of the most engaging artists on the release and approach their music from a more real electronic sounding slant than other artists on this album – a wonderfully rich sense of flow that is engaging and all-enveloping for the listener – and is followed up by the swift flowing, beautifully written “Frozen Sunlight” by Zero Degree.
This is a neat little compilation, though not one that’s going to set the world alight, and nor is it one for the casual listener. If you are into odd electronics, the organic sound of ambience and approach sound with an extremely alternative ear this is one for you.


— Tony Young

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