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V/A – Funkwelten 01

V/A - Funkwelten 01

CD, Funkwelten, 2005

Minimalist electronics set to soaring background atmospheres combined with a relaxed pacing allow the Funkwelten 01 compilation to make a good impression in any setting.
Bands like Flint Glass, Klangfarbe, and Echorausch, join together to fill out a very decent collection of soothing and thought provoking tracks. Each artists’ contribution is carefully placed along similarly paced selections so the album flows very well as a whole and nothing seems to interfere with that course.
Highlights for the assemblage include the very beautifully voiced Juliane Wilde and the accompanying electronics of Sebastian Ullmann (together, they’re known as For A Space) in “Underneath” and Flint Glass’ “Ethereal Winter.” Of course all of the musicians have provided very well-made tracks for the compilation, but those two stood out as especially spectacular contributions.
This reviewer would highly recommend purchasing Funkwelten 01 for a wide variety of listening atmospheres. Final score: nine out of ten habanero peppers.


— Ethan Cohen

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