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V/A – Crash Frequency – Australian Independent Electro Vol.1

V/A - Crash Frequency - Australian Independent Electro Vol.1

CD, Crash Frequency, 2005

Outsider interpretations of Australia’s electronic scene may be limited to thinking of David Thrussell as the only electronic artist from the land down under. This mindset may now be rectified and the naiveté of the world will soon know a premature death once Crash Frequency gets a little more popular attention.
Their first compilation, entitled Australian Independent Electro Vol. 1 is an impressive showing from ten Aussie artists with musical stylings ranging from harsh EBM (Angel Theory, Angelspit) to rhythmic lounge (Domino Theory) to goth pop (Ikon, Resurrection Eve) to trip hop (the Crystalline Effect). The collection has its moments and flows pretty well for the most part. There’s quite a bit of talent included on the roster, and the energy this talent creates effectively drowns out the weaker artists’ contributions.
The contributions which were especially pleasing were the tracks by Domino Theory and Crystalline Effect – both exhibiting very beautiful female vocals and catchy rhythms. One track that really doesn’t add anything to the quality of the collection: “Machine Men” by The Bom. The overall score of the album would have been a bit higher had that song been locked in a closet and shot before the compilation was released.
With that out in the light, the final score for the cd is 6.5 stars out of a possible 10.


— Ethan Cohen

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