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V/A – Chaos.Lovers

V/A - Chaos.Lovers

CD, Lovethechaos, 2006

Some time after the release of Strange2’s critically acclaimed debut album “Partes.de.un.todo”, the Spanish label Lovethechaos released “Chaos.Lovers”, a label sampler compilation. Like any label sampler, this is essentially a manifesto and statement of purpose for the label releasing it, showcasing the aesthetic values and guidelines that define the label’s inception and will influence its future.
Lovethechaos is an experimental electronics label with a strong focus on IDM and glitch, constructed with millimetric precision, high production values and a strong visual component, their releases being not just about music but about art as a whole. That much may be interpreted from this release. Like most label sampler compilations, it has its high and low points but, overall, it flows quite well. In fact, a bit too well, as some tracks have a tendency to fade into the background, effectively requiring serious attentive listening – for which there is not always oportunity.
A few tracks stand out from the rest, the first being Strange2’s excellent “White Thought”, a slightly ominous piano section and lots of interesting beat work that give it a definite groove and a certain mysterious beauty. “Inorganic Agent” by Nikka vs. Morbia is another track with some groove and a slightly epic and oppressive feel (not entirely surprising when one knows that Morbia is responsible for the industrial/EBM Tannhauser project). Hard as it may be to make glitch that is not annoying, Metropol gets it right with “chd3u”, a well-structured glitch track with a touch of melody and the occasional sample, which stands out pretty easily and makes for rather agreeable listening. C.H. District’s “m.a.n” is almost danceable, something to move too, rather than sound to let wash over you, with a combination of minimal beats and spooky piano. With Signalform’s excellent “Assembly”, glitch goes disco! As disco as glitch can get, “Assembly” is really quite funky, sounding slightly oriental with bass and synthetized pipes underneath the torrent of seemingly chaotic minimal beats, and making Signalform a project to be on the lookout for.
“Chaos.Lovers” competently serves its purpose as ‘statement of mission’ for the this young Spanish label and, if one is to judge from it, this is a label to watch out for in the future. Though it could benefit from a bit more variety, this is a release to check out for those looking to expand their musical horizons with good precision electronics and not afraid of music that requires some listening effort.


— Miguel de Sousa & Kate Turgoose

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