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Toy Bizarre – kdi dctb 039

Toy Bizarre - kdi dctb 039

3″ CD, Ferns Recordings, 2007

“Kdi dctb 039” consists of one track clocking in at barely over 20 minutes and, as per usual with high quality releases in the drone/ambient/etc category, is something meant for a deep listening experience. None of that background music stuff for this release. In fact you may want to bust out a pair of headphones for this one.
Starting out a bit more vivid than most drone releases with airplane sounds and unidentifiable crackle and clatter, various processed sounds and drones weave in and out of each other in such a flawless way that its really hard to figure out when one sound ends and another starts sometimes. However, this release is far from relaxing, somewhere in the 4 minute mark things become almost silent and if you start to turn it up you’re in for a surprise when it gets almost overbearingly loud for a bit with an onslaught of familiar static sounds at a much higher volume. This followed by high frequency drones that I’m assuming are to keep you on your toes.
Although “Kdi dctb 039” starts out pretty intense it has periods of slowing down, starting up, then slowing down again which is something I have to admit I’m not very used to in music of this genre. Also, the sounds used remain interesting throughout the track but after the ten minute mark I occasionally felt that things were dragging on from time to time. After all is said and done though, this really is a pretty unique release. Toy Bizarre definitely does have his own sound in this field and I’d be more than willing to check out further releases of his.


— Charlie Martineau

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