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Tor Lundvall – Yule

Tor Lundvall - Yule

CD, Strange Fortune, 2006

Within one year after releasing the “Empty City” CD Tor Lundvall releases yet another new title on Strange Fortune in the form of the EP “Yule”. Completely dedicated to the spirit of the christmas season this mini album hits the nail on its proverbial head.
The review I wrote about “Empty City” for the dutch webzine GothTronic (http://www.gothtronic.com/?page=23&reviews=2409) wasn’t the most positive review ever. In said review I wrote that the music was good and definitly worth exploring, but as a CD the whole release was too short. Maybe because of this comment on the length (and I doubt I was the only one), this new release, “Yule”, is being promoted as a limited edition EP, even while being seven minutes longer.
Musicwise Tor’s music has definitly grown. From a more ambient approach on “Empty City” to the result on “Yule” with nine short tracks, which vary from small but consistently produced soundscapes to real Christmas songs with actual lyrics. Real little sparkling gems for this dark and melancholic time of the year.
Next to these nine short tracks you will find the gorgeous 20 minute track “The Falling Snow”. This beauty simply drips with melancholy and while visions of icey winded turbulence – wherein the tiniest flakes of snow reflect the light of a lonely street lantern – come to mind, one can only long for next year’s shortest day, or better yet, longest night. Tor’s personal note about “The Falling Snow” is as follows: “This piece was recorded almost nine years ago during a snowstorm, and has been a constant companion while I paint during the winter months”. And after hearing the track it is the best explanation ever on why Tor Lundvall paints as he does.
The “Yule” EP can only be ordered straight through Strange Fortune (www.strangefortune.com) and it is available as a numbered and strictly limited edition of 333 copies, so don’t wait too long…


— Bauke van der Wal

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