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The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Tendrils of Pretty

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Tendrils of Pretty

CD, Mythical Records, 2006

The product of a creative fusion of musical elements, “Tendrils Of Pretty” is The Synthetic Dream Foundation’s first album, released through his own, newly formed label, Mythical Records. The influences and styles within are many, ranging from EBM to dark psy-trance and ambient, merged in a nine-track, fifty-minute long disc that’s bound to turn heads and move dance floors.
The nine tracks seem to be divided into three sections of three tracks each, the first and last consisting of some powerful material, its sound bearing a strong resemblance to Velvet Acid Christ and “FLAvour Of The Weak” Frontline Assembly. The result is a very danceable and quite melodic amalgam of pulsing beats and impressive synths, which combined with the abundance of guest vocalists make up for some very interesting tracks. In the meanwhile, the album takes a break of sorts during the much slower paced second segment (tracks 4-6), which delves mostly into ambient territory, before returning up to speed with the sixth track.
This change of pace seems to be my only cause of dismay, as it is somewhat too sudden, specially when considering the energy of the first three tracks. Perhaps the slower tracks would fit better if somewhat scattered throughout the album as interludes rather than grouped right in the middle of the record, but this is nevertheless a small mistake for a first album, and a self-release at that. With the above in mind, as well as the rather accurate mastering, decent packaging and rather friendly price-tag, “Tendrils Of Pretty” is a very promising release for TSDF and Mythical Records.


— George Mouratidis

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