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Sarah Fimm – Nexus

Sara Fimm - Nexus

CD, Sequenced Sonic Interferences, 2004

“Billboard” magazine called this album nothing but an “another rare jewel”. With fifteen elegant, exquisite, impressive compositions, which instantly reflect in thoughts and mood, this is music which enthralls from the first notes, raising unwillingness to leave these enchanting melodies.
This is the third album for Sara Fimm, a young singer and songwriter who is only 23 years old. No too much people can be such a noteworthy at this age so, what is the secret of success? Besides mechanical enumeration of musical components it will be very and very hard to leave out the fact that this music represents something more. However, to gain some insight, I’ll say that you can find an excellent combination of dark trip-hop, ethereal, a little bit of rock elements and jazz rhythms in the music of Sarah Fimm. Nevertheless, you’ll find some special, unique combination for each composition. As regards the lyrics, the singer goes questions human relationships, humanity as such, life and death. There is also a place for songs, which are the result of Sarah’s own experiences, filled with feeling and emotion.
Among tracks I want to mark up more than others are the first two: “Losing Velocity” and “Mercury”. Next “Story Of Us”, “Strange” and “Nexus”, and finally “Paradise”, “December”, “Orchids” and “Great Wide Open”. These compositions cover various themes but still remain, as the whole “Nexus” album, sad and melancholic. The appealing music, and the feelings it conveys, can both create atmosphere or lead the listener’s imagination to the ocean’s coast or somewhere between the stars.
The listed tracks don’t mean that the other are inferior by comparison, simply that they were more impressive at the moment of writing this review, which wasn’t easy: my eyes frequently froze at the blinking cursor, all attention attracted to the music, and I was able to jump out of this condition only after several tracks for a short time to continue writing something again, then everything repeated…


— Igor

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