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Roto Visage / Worms of the Earth – Celestial Malaise

Roto Visage + Worms of the Earth - Celestial Malaise

CD-R, Disease Foundry, 2009

This experimental collaboration between two exceptional artists, Roto Visage and Worms of the Earth, is a journey in sound – it blends and experiments with the genres of glitch, drone, ambient and noise to produce an epic experience for the willing ear and devoted fan.
The three-track collection features a single song from each artist and a collaboration to close the album, with tracks ranging from 30 to 12 minutes in length. The first track, “Samvartakalpa”, by Roto Visage, is a 30-minute adventure in ambience and scraping distortions. You’ll find yourself lost in the rise and fall of sonic waves with scattered vocal samples, shrieking electronics and percussive glitches. This is a treacherous swim in an ocean of sound. The next piece, “Vivartakkalpa”, by Worms of the Earth, begins with a lulling harmony circling your ears, and proves more progressive than Roto Visage’s first offering. Carrying you along with the currents, the thick wall of sound lies below ominous vocal samples. At fifteen minutes, Worms of the Earth slowly introduces scattered electronic glitches and sliding metal clangs that etch the ambience with a loose percussion. The piece then finds a quiet place before soaring to new heights with strings and climatic female vocalizations echoing off into space. The final composition, “Celestial Malaise” is a combined effort from Roto Visage and Worms of the Earth. The mixture of ambience and subtle rhythmic noise sets a tone of objects in motion, massive and menacing. It rattles with thick pads and bouncing synths that fade in and out of the void.
This release is beautifully produced and a treat for the patient ear or fan of the genre. For the uninitiated, tracks may run a little too long and sadly may be passed over.


— James Church

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