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Roel Meelkop – An Ear For Numbers

Roel Meelkop - An Ear For Numbers

CD, Zang:, 2008

There is our world, and there is that in which Roel Meelkop resides. Roel’s entails running around with a recorder of some sort recording anything he can from vast open spaces, to oceans, etc. In Roel’s world he has put these sounds into ‘music’ within a numerical context while people stare at him with admiration for doing something genuinely clever.
I am not so sure the rest of the world may see it this way. Silence for what seems like an eternity and then the hum of something not too dissimilar to my fridge. More silence then a crackle. I understand the concept of field recordings, but sadly I am one of those people who see it as a waste of time and energy unless you are going to add it to something worthwhile and personally cannot recommend anyone buying a CD of near silence. There surely has to be more that can be done with this medium?


— Tony Young

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