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Rhythmic Symphony – The Mechanism Fulfilled

Rhythmic Symphony - The Mechanism Fulfilled

CD, Section 44, 2006

Although relatively new to the Synthpop scene, Justin Kesselring, the talent behind Rhythmic Symphony has been writing music since the tender age of 13. Having being inspired by bands like Joy Electric, The Echoing Green (who he would later work with on this release) and of all things his Super Nintendo, Justin begin work on what would later become the driving force of his artistic expression, Rhythmic Symphony. Now signed to the rapidly growing list of highly impressive acts on the Section 44 label, Rhythmic Symphony has released it’s long awaited debut , “The Mechanism Fulfilled”.
Some of you may remember reading my review of the Section 44 various artist compilation “4 x 4 Multi-single: Volume 2” so may also remember that I was quite excited to hear a full length release from Rhythmic Symphony. Needless to say the wait is over and I’m pleased to say, it was worth every minute.
“The Mechanism Fulfilled” is something that could probably be considered a straightforward Synthpop album. If you’re familiar with a few acts on the record label A Different Drum then, with this release, you’ll definitely know what to expect. Highly emotive vocals, soothing ballads and warming pop songs are plentiful throughout the album. One of the main aspects of interest that came to my attention was Justin’s incredible song writing abilities. Tracks such as “Self-Possessed”, “Shards Of Scarlet”, “Liquid Sky”, “Too Afraid” and “Words Unspoken”, all have a strong dreamy presence about them which in its own way, has given the act their own stamp of recognition. A couple of the tracks that do stand out (mainly because they are two of the very few upbeat tracks) are “Darkness Rising” and “Beauty In Dissonance”. “Darkness Rising” in particular shows an edgier side to Rhythmic Symphony, a side that unfortunately lies dormant throughout the rest of the album.
Although I feel the album could have done with possibly a few more upbeat tracks to keep the interest flowing throughout, it is undeniably a very good release indeed. With phenomenal song writing and excellent production assistance from Joey B. (The Echoing Green) and Randall Erkelens (Tristraum), the album has a crisp finish and a solid sound throughout. If ballad-driven Synthpop is your cup of tea, then this is the album for you.


— Paul Marcham

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