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Remain Silent – Dislocation

Remain Silent - Dislocation

CD, Axess Code, 2005

Shining through the masses of unqualified electronic artists once more, Remain Silent’s “Dislocation” illustrates exactly how an album can be structured so that an audience’s attention will be grabbed through every second of every song.
Each individual track provides unequalled amounts of variety, yet the album as a whole still manages to hold a beautiful sense of flow. Unlike his previous album, “Dislocation” is broken up into twelve separate tracks (which could very well have been broken up into fragments of lengthier songs) each with its own unique catch. The theme for “Dislocation” follows a desolate, machine-driven world occupied by industrial and technologically obsessed, inorganic civilizations – as illustrated in the amazing graphical works on the album sleeves. Drawing on this motif, Yann Souetre (the man behind the music), has cited influences from such legendary Canadian electronic artists as Don Gordon of Numb and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy. These artists have helped shape Remain Silent’s sound into an amazing technological and aural feat – layer upon layer of electronics with an incredible attention to each miniscule detail.
This album is highly recommended to audiophiles as well as casual listeners. Both will experience the same amount of appreciation for the music, if for different reasons. Final score: twelve out of ten habenero peppers (I’ve rated ten’s before, this album is better than a ten).


— Ethan Cohen

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