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Quelles Paroles – What If I Would Die Right Here on The Spot?

Quelles Paroles - What If I Would Die Right Here on The Spot?

CD, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2007

There’s not a great deal wrong with a band wearing its (Depechist) influences on its sleeves, nor is there anything wrong with attempting depth or comment on a deliberately saccharine platform. This single release through Electric Fantastic Sound treads deep water in both of these areas but still has its moments.
There’s a strong undercurrent of old R’n’b in the opening title track vocal, accompanied by a fuzzy scaffold of electronics – a little fragile and unsure of itself, but after the first chorus something quite beautiful rides out on those strings. “Colosseum” is altogether snappier and groovier, and if you can forgive some of the verse’s phrasing the changes in pace and blossoming synths keep the track interesting.
“Undress me (Refresher)” is a slight departure into garage-pop and while well constructed, it is cringe worthy to say the least. It’s hard not to love how little the Electric Fantastic Sound bands care about genre restrictions but some journeys don’t yield as much as others and this act has a way to come yet.


— James Ryan

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