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PRXS – Pink Candyfloss Fields

PRXS - Pink Candyfloss Fields

Digital EP, Musicaoltranza, 2009

With it being easy for anyone to release music in this modern age, self-released EP’s are one of those things I approach with caution. PRXS appears to be one of the collection of artists who can do it and do it well.
“Pink Candyfloss Fields” is a five-track collection of what can only be described as experimental ambient techno. A strange blend of techno beats and ambient soundscapes, interspersed with dubstep and trance, creating an overall feel of laid-back melancholy, with a throbbing heart. There is a blending of ideas presented here – a collage of Orbital meets Brian Eno glued together with splashes of Coil.
If you listen to nothing else, you should at least give “Candyfloss Dreaming” five minutes of your time. It is a wobbly bass and glitch affair, with a surreal dreamlike quality – if you have slightly disturbed dreams, that is. This is the track which perhaps best shows the skill PRXS controls in blending styles and genres. “Last Day of Summer” is also well worth a listen, the only track to feature vocals (provided by Dionea of Solarsen); the title describes exactly what this track conjures up – a feeling of the last day of summer.
There are high production levels on this release, more than you’d expect for a self-release. But this just shows that PRXS has been in this game for a while and has the skills needed. You do, however, get the feeling that better is yet to come.
Turn the lights off. Get comfortable. Chill out and let PRXS take you on a journey through “Pink Candyfloss Fields”.


— M. J. Phillips

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