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Prospero – Spreading The Infection

Prospero - Spreading The Infection

2CD, Sub.Session Media / Brume Records, 2004

Two CDs, an impressive host of collaborators, and almost 120 minutes of music come with Prospero’s new album, “Spreading the Infection.”
While this may come across as a major selling point, be advised that while the music is technically proficient, “Spreading the Infection” doesn’t deliver in the realm of entertainment considering it’s more of a double CD compilation of artists rather than an actual album (props M. for that one).
The lineup is fantastic, do not be mistaken. Contributing artists include Remain Silent, Xorcist, Converter, Displacer, Flint Glass, etc… but even these names can’t seem to raise the album from anything more than a remix war. Between the two CDs, there are only six original songs, and the rest are remixes and collaborations.
Again, the music is very well coordinated and manufactured, but it just doesn’t strike this author as something worth spending more than a few minutes listening to. There are a few decent tracks which sparkle underneath the tedious repetition of the rest of the album, but even this minority falls short on making this album worth picking up.
The final score for “Spreading the Infection” is two-and-half out of a possible five habanero peppers.


— Ethan Cohen with accidental remarks by Miguel de Sousa

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