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Plastic Operator – Different Places

Plastic Operator - Different Places

CD, Fine Day Records, 2007

With the release of their excellent single “Folder” combined with an even more impressive video for the track, Plastic Operator seem to have instantly hit a nerve with the Electropop-loving public. It is probably to no doubt then that after a string of impressive reviews about the debut album, I was intrigued to see what all the hype was about.
I’m sure there are albums out there that everyone has given a first listen to and thought “hey, now this really is different!” well, I think its safe to say that “Different Places” is one of those albums. Comparisons to bands like Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, The Postal Service, and Daft Punk are pretty evident from the start, and whilst some may find mixed influences like a tad manic, let me assure you that in its own odd way it really does work. I think one of the most impressive things about this album musically is its subtleties. Nothing seems to be too overstated and the songs tend to be of a very minimal nature which in many ways can often make the perfect pop song. Most of the tracks contain a warm electric organ/piano sound with quirky Electropop synth hooks and the odd bit of guitar here and there. The vocals are somewhat melancholic at times and are often intertwined with great robotic effects that fans of 80’s electronic music will absolutely adore. It really is difficult to say what the strongest tracks are because I think everyone will have a different favourite and to give even more credit to the band , they certainly know how to keep things diverse and interesting all the way from start to finish.
If you’re looking for something completely different to the norm then this is totally an album you need to consider buying. The songs will stick in your mind for what may seem like a lifetime and make no doubt about it, this album has a hum-factor of 10! To take a quote from the band themselves “Plastic Operator are the perfect pop group for our times”.


— Paul Marcham

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