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Objekt4 – Her Face Among The Shadows

 - Her Face Among The Shadows

CD, Ravenheart, 2004

This is already the third release by the Swedish Objekt4 on the Czech label Ravenheart, the first being a cassette and the second being the CD “Extermination Processing Tower”. The Objekt4 website names at least three other fulltime releases, and I, your humpble reviewer, am left in a spot where I simply can’t tell you anything about Objekt4.
The name of the person behind Objekt4 is Anders Peterson and the music is roughly described as experimental ambient with minimal rhythms. The opening track of the album “Seclusion” already shows all of the elements mentioned and even when a few tracks are more towards experimental ambient, for example “Among The Shadows” and “Nowhere Everywhere”.
Other tracks show a more IDM-like approach of the ambience which can be found in other Swedish projects known from the Cold Meat Industry label. Examples of this latter approach are for example the quite hectic “Her Face” and “Foreverneverendeverend” which has a very spooky atmosphere which reminded me of the original version of “The Ring” (please be aware that that is a great compliment coming from me).
All in all this is a very nice album which will definitly appeal to people who like Scandinavian (read: cold atmospheric) projects like Biosphere, Sephiroth, Desiderii Marginis and Atomine Electrine.
The album would have received more then a 7,5 out of 10 if the coherence between the tracks would a bit stronger. It is a good album – no doubt about that – but the story behind the tracks could have been more strongly expressed. As for now “Her face among the shadows” is a CD with nice music, while it could have been a strong symbiosis between horror and romance.


— Bauke van der Wal

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